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Ron was born and raised in small town in rural Iowa. This upbringing developed a strong desire to work hard and be proud of his work - before, during, and most definitely, after. 

Ron has always been intrigued with sculpting and like most children, he was able to develop his creative side with playdoh. By the time Ron was 10, he had spent many hours watching his father work on the bodies of cars and trucks.  With eyes burning from staring at the sparks of the welding torch, Ron was filled even more with the desire to create.  One day his dad showed him how to weld and turned him loose on the scrap pile. It didn't take long until Ron was creating 2 and 3 foot "statues" made from scrap pieces of iron. Now, with all that behind him, along with a few years of junior high and high school wood shop, Ron has an incredible knowledge of wood and the ability to apply his talents to a simple piece of wood and turn it into a piece of art that will last indefinitely.

Ron started carving wood with a chainsaw in late 2004. For more than 30 years prior to giving his artistic side life, Ron put in his time learning everything about the tools used in his craft while working  with a small local tree service as a groundman, climber, cutter, feller, and foreman. He was taught hands on and that's exactly how he still functions today, not afraid of any job. Carving full time is a main goal in Ron's future and he is progressively moving forward to achieve it. 

Recently Ron decided to take yet another step towards his dreams and purchased a one man tree service.  With the addition of the Tree Service, Ron can now offer his customers the service of cutting trees along with creating one of a kind pieces of art.  Running his own tree service allows Ron to select premium logs for carving, which means he will only use the best choices for each and every carving or sculpture he creates.  Ron recently began carving publicly at small town and county celebrations. Ron also has attended the Ridgway Rendezvous in Pennsylvania along with over 250 other carvers from around the world. 

Ron has carved over 500 name signs and unique sculptures which have taken up residency in at least 20 states.  Ron says the best part of creating his signs and sculptures is to see the reaction of the customer when they first see their wooden piece of art. He feels it is truly amazing, the feeling he gets when people get emotional at that first impression!

 "Thank you for taking time to look at my site and learn a little bit about me. I hope you like what you see!  I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, and most importantly, with honesty! Once again thanks for looking!! I look forward to carving a truly unique creation for you!!! "  

Ron Alspach, owner of Lumberjack Knicknacks
 & Lumberjack Tree Service
Phone: 712-792-4844
Email: ron@lumberjackgifts.com


Phone: 712.792.4844
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